Our Process

The Pashmina wool at Sherpa Pashmina is derived from the upper regions of Western Tibet and is considered the finest in the world. The wool is taken from the mountain goat “Capra Hircus,” traditionally known as “Changra”. Carpa Hircus is a protected species. This wool is shaven from the underside of the animal’s neck and torso; this shaving process does not harm the animal in any manner. Each “Changra” produces 3-8 ounces of this fine fiber a year,, making Pashmina both luxurious and scarce. This rarity and softness has made Pashmina “The Diamond of Fibers”.

At Sherpa Pashmina we offer you the highest available quality Pashmina yarn, making our products softer and warmer than those already available. Our special yarn ensures little to no piling in our Pashmina products. With the highest available yarn in each shawl, our quality has been unmatched.

At Sherpa Pashmina all our weaving is done on handlooms. bur weavers are Nepalese men and women who have perfected the delicate art of weaving _ Pashmina through years of experience. At Sherpa Pashmina, each and every shawl is checked thoroughly to ensure that there are no flaws. Further still, our extended finishing process entails many procedures to guarantee a perfect shawl. Finally our finishing unit spends ample time to twist and knot the end into fine fringes. It takes one person an entire day to knot the ends of one shawl!


At Sherpa Pashmina each shawl is dyed individually by hand. We use Ciba metal¬free and azo-free dyes. These are Swiss Eco-friendly dyes. Our water is pumped , from a depth of 80 feet providing the pristine Himalayan water. Our shawls are washed in Aveda shampoo. We dye in a range of colors, and can provide any color in the Pantone color charts

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