Welcome To Sherpa Cashmere

Sherpa Pashmina Industries, our mother concern with a few other big names, as peers, pioneered of Nepal to the world. Today we can confidently concur that the Pashmina industry of Nepal owes its genesis to us. Having been reckoned by the west throughout our years of experience. Sherpa Pashmina Weaving & Knitting Industry is the result of the accolades that we have garnered for our profoundly ingrained tendency to excel in the art of Pashmina.

Why Choose Us?

We ship virtually to any address in the world. We adhere to a policy of ‘No Profit – No Loss’ principle for our shipping costs which means that you will be charged the same amount what we incur while shipping the consignment. The shipping cost is applicable only for those countries or regions where we are NOT providing FREE shipping. And we do not charge anything for the water-proof, tamper-proof packaging that we do for all our consignments. FREE Shipping destinations We offer FREE shipping to US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand through FedEx from Mumbai, India. For any other countries or regions we may charge a nominal amount for shipping. Shipping & Delivery Time International delivery usually takes between 3 and 5 business days through FedEx from Mumbai, India, depending on the destination and logistical restrictions.

In future, we aim to expand our range of products. It is the nature of style to keep changing forever. So, we aim to constantly add more innovative products. We are one of the fastest growing cashmere industries and we are always ready to work closely with our partners. We adopt the modern dyeing technology and we are forever experimenting with different shades. So, in upcoming days, we will continually add more exciting and fun colors in our cashmere products. We are dedicated to meeting our aim of founding the sustainable and profitable cashmere industry.

Our Office

Tokha Height, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]
Phone: +977-1-5110379/ +977-9851024357/ +977-9851104327