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United States of America All deliveries to the US are charged a Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) of US$25.00 by the US Customs Service. In addition, couriers usually add US$5.00 for advancing any duty that may be applied. This fee may or may not be revised and we assume no responsibility regarding the actual charges at the time of delivery. Please note that you would have to make the payment for MPF and the courier’s advance duty fee. Duty/taxes and FedEx charges, if and when applicable, are sent to the customer in the form of a bill sometime after the consignment has been delivered. Please note that FedEx will handle all customs clearance and related procedures. European Union Customers are required to pay VAT when their rugs enter their country of residence (FedEx will pay VAT for customers and send them a bill on or sometime after delivery). In addition, duty may apply when rugs are processed for customs clearance and varies from country to country. However, many customers are not charged duty, as the rugs are for personal use. For all other EU countries, please contact your local customs authority. United Kingdom Customers are required to pay VAT, currently at 17.5% for handmade rugs, when their rugs enter the United Kingdom. In addition, duty may apply when rugs are processed for customs clearance. This can range between 0 to 8% of the purchase price. All other countries or regions For duty/tax information for other countries and regions, please contact your local customs office. Special Provisions Please note that Customs duties or any such equivalent taxes, if applicable in your country would be payable by you even though these do get reduced due to the special provisions hand-made, hand-knotted carpets and rugs from India get from various countries/regions, including Canada, Europe, Americas, Australia and New Zealand – this list is not exhaustive. All our shipments are accompanied with various such documents, like the GSP (Generalized System of Preferences) if applicable in your country, certified by the Government of India in order to subsidize these import charges.